Townies in Town: Win 1st Place in Talent Show at A.R.T.'s Oberon Theatre

With a name like "Fermata Town", this group certainly enjoys any opportunity for a punny intro while traveling "outta town" (<--thanks, Six Appeal!), but after a successful bout of travel earlier this summer to SFO, NYC and PHL, we happily put the pun to rest for some end-of-summer August gigs in our own hometown of BOSTON. Recent "Beantown(ie)" highlights...

@ ART's Oberon Theatre:

Going home with the GRAND PRIZE from The X Factor's Tournament of Talent (shout out to Contemporarily Out of Order who came in close second!).

Also hanging out backstage with other Bostonian entertainers -- comedians, contemporary dancers and the sorts of acts only seen at talent shows (I especially enjoyed the Disney karaoke sung to solo marimba -- Brian Calhoon -- he is a wizard).  You can check out ALL of the acts in the X Factor Promo Video.

Backstage at Oberon                       Fermata Town with judge Sheree Dunwell and host Jelani Remy after winning first place at the X Factor's Tournament of Talent ^Backstage at OBERON!                  ^Townies with judge Sheree Dunwell and host Jelani Remy*

 @ The Lily Pad:

An entirely improvised performance of Britney's classic, "Toxic," featuring members of both Funkin' A and Fermata Town and complete with a hot pink hairdo worn by Funkin' A's lead bass, Mo Lotman (you rocked it, Mo!).

Fermata Town sound checks at The Lily Pad

^Townies sound check @Lily Pad

@ Boston University Morse Auditorium:

Performing at some of the Townies' alma mater alongside the The Boston University Dear AbbeysChordially Yours, and BLine Breakdown for the BU FYSOP (First Year Student Outreach Program) yearly a cappella concert. (FTown BU alums include Andrea Hage, Chris Giordano, Tommy Barth, Peter Moriarty, Philipp Walzer and Sarah Spinella. Go Terriers!)

@ Willoughby Lake, VT**:

Finding a moment for a little R&R with a weekend retreat to Vermont (where, unable to go a day together without singing, we gave an impromptu performance alongside the lake).   Check out photos from this trip as well as all of our recent doings at our brand new INSTAGRAM account @fermatatown (Special thanks to youngest Townie Andrea Hage for keeping us hip(ster) and relevant with the social medias. #fermatatown)

@ Townie hangout spots, Boston***:

Spending as much time as humanly possible with Townies literally moving out of town and with retired Townies visiting town -- No matter where you all end up, never forget: "Once a Townie, always a Townie!"

This fall, we look forward to more fun around town, including getting back in the studio and auditioning new members -- stay tuned here for more news!

<3, Sarah



*Not pictured, judges Anthony Rapp and Veronica Robles.

**OK, OK!!! I'll admit we couldn't quite kick the travel bug and HAD to leave town, if just for 48 hours... #workinfortheweekend

***This includes Sunset Cantina, The Regal Beagle and "The Vern".  (Chances are, if Townies are reuniting in town or about to quit town, you will find us gathered at these local joints.)