Dear Santa, I wanted to write you a letter on behalf of Fermata Town to say thank you for coming early this year. Not only did you come early, but you came often throughout 2013 and we’re very grateful. We know you’re a busy guy and prepare all year long for the big day but when we made our Christmas wish list in 2012, we had no idea that you’d continue to look out for us time and time again, all year long.

So thank you, Santa, for helping us successfully release our debut album, Hold That Thought. We hope you got the autographed copy we sent to the North Pole but if it got lost in the mail you can always pick up the album on Loudr!

Thank you, Santa, for nominating us for four Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA’s) and three A Cappella Community Awards (ACA’s). We really poured our heart and soul into making that album so can’t say enough how proud and humbled we are to have been recognized in some of the same categories of a cappella giants such as Pentatonix, ARORA, Musae, The Exchange, Peter Hollens and all of our Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) friends.

Thank you, Santa, for giving us the opportunity to share our love and passion of a cappella with the next generation of a cappella superstars via workshops & masterclasses at several Boston elementary, middle and high schools as well as a few local colleges.

Thank you, Santa, for allowing us the opportunity to attend and perform at not one, but two CASA festivals this year. A daytime ACA-Bomb at BOSS was pretty special, singing in front our own hometown friends but a chance to open up for Groove For Thought at VoCALnation was definitely the icing on the cake.

Thank you, Santa, for fixing us up with amazing masterclass clinicians at each festival we attended. Working with Dave Sperandio and Michael Marcus at BOSS was an incredible experience and then getting the chance to sing in front of Deke Sharon and Sam Weisman during our Sing Off consultation inspired us to step up our game. You really didn’t have to be so good to us and then pair us with CASA President Tom Anderson at VCN but what a great time we had with one of the best in the biz.

Thank you, Santa, for the opportunity to compete in the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes Festival. We didn’t even expect to get in but then you went ahead and helped us win the whole thing, sending us to the National Finals in San Francisco! We had so much fun out West and you even helped us take home some hardware with a Third Place finish as well as the Best Original Song award.

Thank you, Santa, for giving us the courage to enter the Outside the Box Festival A Cappella Competition as well as the Boston Tournament of Talent. We shared the stage with some incredibly talented acts and couldn’t believe that our good fortune continued with two more victories in our home city.

Thank you, Santa, for delivering four presents in the form of two lovely altos and tenors in September. We love our new members and Taylor, Becky, Shams and Ian are amazing editions to our Townie family.

Thank you, Santa, for helping us to make some new international aca-friends! You connected us with both CLUSTER and MICappella, two internationally renowned a cappella groups that were just as amazing people as they were musicians.

Thank you, Santa, for giving us the energy to return to the studio. We’re excited to release three new singles before the year closes so keep your ears pealed for new Fermata Town tracks!

And last but not least, thank you, Santa, for bringing back The Sing Off. You missed one minor detail (the part where we asked to be on the show)  but we’re definitely not complaining. Having it back on the air is not only going to benefit our group, but the entire a cappella community.

2013 has been an incredible year, Santa, and the Townies can’t thank you or our families, friends and fans enough!

On behalf of Fermata Town...


Dan Campagna Business Manager Fermata Town