People Get Ready… Seriously!

Happy Friday!! We just spent most of the day recording in Bristol Studios tracking one of our favorite songs, People Get Ready, a version arranged after Eva Cassidy’s rendition. This song was a little tricky to record because of the unusual amount of fermatas written into the arrangement. FYI - A fermata is a musical notation that indicates a note should be held out longer than its given value until directed otherwise. Unlike many of the other tracks we will record, we were unable to use your typical midi file guide track and had to record a scratch track to follow along while recording our individual tracks due to these fermatas.

If you didn’t follow any of that, basically there are a lot of long pauses in the song where the ensuing entrances need to be conducted in. Since we record individually in separate sound proof rooms, you can’t really conduct all of those entrances/fermatas, so we basically made a guide track, with the pauses worked in for us to follow along with while we each record our voice parts.

If you still don’t follow, don’t worry… it’s going to sound great!

We’re working really hard and today was a very productive day because we FINISHED all of the background tracking for People Get Ready!

So….people, get ready… there’s a CD a’coming.

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With love,

Fermata Town