Houston, we are go for launch!

That’s right, you guessed it! Fermata Town is ready to officially launch our website to the world so for the first time, welcome!! We present to you a site complete with video, bios, upcoming gigs, links to social media, and this blog to keep up with all that's happening.  Good timing too, because we have a lot going on!

First off, we are in the midst of recording our very first album.  You can check out some behind the scenes action on our recording so far, and check our blog (here!) for more updates on the recording process.

Recording a CD is not cheap, so the Townies are also proud to share our Kickstarter page, which will launch June 1st.  Check back here in June to discover how you can help Fermata Town reach our fundraising goal to help cover our costs for our album.  Depending on how much you give, we will thank you for your donation with some fun incentives including digital downloads and admission to our CD release party, so be sure to stay in touch here for more info on how to get involved.

Last but not least, the Townies are going on TOUR.  First stop, New York. Last stop, New York. Ok, it's more of a weekend trip to New York, but we are still super pumped and urge our friends in the Big Apple to mark your calendars: JUNE 23 @ THE BITTER END, WEST VILLAGE. We’ll be performing on the historic stage that Lady Gag once jammed out on and will be joined by three awesome NYC groups including The Red States, The Lost Keys and The Current. Shout out to former Townie Nicole Sorice who relocated to NY and now sings with The Current! Can’t wait to share the stage with so much talent!

The Bitter End in NYC

But anyway, feel free to come and play on our website whenever you like - we will be sharing more news on our recording and upcoming gigs, so be sure to check it all here!

And with that… Houston, we have liftoff!

Love, The Townies