Nearly one year to the day of our victory at the 2011 A Cappella Armageddon competition, we accomplished our biggest achievement to date… we release our debut album, Hold That Thought! And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Here’s a quick timeline of what went into making Hold That Thought a reality:

December 2011 – Fermata Town wins 1st place at A Cappella Armageddon, winning 25 free hours of recording studio time at Bristol Studios.

January 2012 – The group meets and decides that we want to use our free recording time to jumpstart the production of an album.

February 2012 - We contacts several independent sound engineers to inquire about what it takes to go through the process of recording an album.

March 2012 – The group invites Tim Bongiovanni of Northgate Productions to attend a rehearsal and talk about his philosophy on producing an album. Tim wins us over and we decide that when the time is ready, we’re going to work with him in the editing and mixing phases of our CD.

April 2012 – Several members of the group attend the BOSS [Boston Sings] A Cappella festival and get some great advice on how to fund the production of an album.

May 2012 – The first recording session takes place at the Allston Boys and Girls club recording studio.

June 2012 – Fermata Town launches a Kickstarter Project in an effort to raise all the money needed to produce a CD.

July 2012 – On July 4th, our Kickstarter Project is fully funded at 141% of our original goal of $5,000 with 120 backers supporting the project.

August 2012 – We continue to record our tracks at both Bristol Studios and the Boys & Girls club, almost completely finishing the background tracking.

September 2012 – Made contact with a few professionals in the industry who agreed to work with us on the final production stages of the album for the mastering and licensing stages.

October 2012 – Final recording sessions take place with harmony, vocal percussion and any other misc. parts that were missed over the summer recording sessions.

November 2012 – The editing and mixing stages of the album took place with Tim & a listening team from the group to make sure we got the tracks to sound just like we wanted them to. The final CD cover art was also finalized.

December 2012 – The final mixes on the album was mastered by Vocal Mastering  and licensed by A Cappella Records. With that, we sent everything out to DiscMakers and on Dec. 18, we officially released our debut album, Hold That Thought.

A special thanks to Tim Bongiovanni of Northgate Productions, Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering, Chris Crawford of A Cappella Records, Chris Billias of Bristol Studios and the West End House Boys and Girls Club for their efforts that went into creating Hold That Thought.

Also another huge THANK YOU to all of our Kickstarter backers that made funding the album possible.

We hope to see everyone at our CD release party to help celebrate this milestone on Feb. 2 at Church of Boston at 5PM.

To purchase copies of the album, check out www.fermatatown.com/album